OnePlus 11 will install Super Frame Game Engine to boost gaming experience

OnePlus 11 Super Frame Game Engine

OnePlus 11 is constantly bringing new surprises to the surface. Every day, the phone is appearing with unique and interesting technology that can hype the user experience. In the latest development, the Chinese tech maker showed how the coming flagship OnePlus 11 will support 120fps in gaming scenarios with the help of Super Frame Game Engine.

Yes, another technology that will contribute to the enhancement of the gaming experience. The latest OnePlus 11 tweaks regarding the Super Frame Game Engine are emerging on the OnePlus official Weibo account. Besides, the OnePlus China President – Li JieLouis has also shared brief info on how the advanced tech will accelerate the gaming scenarios for users.

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Li describes that mobile games are made with the ideology of consuming less space and power in handsets. As a result, a game lover can only enjoy a limited amount of benefits in terms of display quality and functioning. However, the OnePlus 11 breaks such restrictions and offers immersive picture quality, and supports 120fps irrespective of the game’s native frame rate.

OnePlus 11 Super Frame Game Engine

Exactly! No matter what frame rate the original game supports. OnePlus 11 will exhibits 120fps. Consequently, the flagship device will surpass the original game quality and will offer an amazing gaming world to consumers. As of now, the mobile game experience will no longer depend only on the games, but on the mobile phone.

OnePlus 11 Super Frame Game Engine

To make it more clear, Li JieLouis also dropped a video defining the gaming level and ultimate picture quality of the OnePlus 11 smartphone:

“With the OnePlus 11 supported by the Super Frame Super Picture Engine, you only need to consider one question when playing games in the future: how high frame rate and picture quality do you want to play? Leave the rest to the OnePlus 11. Super Frame Super Picture Engine brings the ultimate experience that completely exceeds the parameters of native games and opens a new era of mobile games.”

Seems like OnePlus is making every possible effort to make its upcoming smartphone model, the best flagship in the market. This is just the beginning, and it would be worth seeing how the new tech lifts the gaming experience in the real life scenarios.

OnePlus 11 Super Frame Game Engine

You can check the video of the OnePlus 11 Super Frame Game Engine HERE


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