OnePlus Ace 2 (OnePlus 11R) installs Super Frame Game Engine to hype gaming performance

OnePlus 11R Super Frame gaming performance

OnePlus 11R won’t differ much from its standard sibling. As per the latest input revealings, the OnePlus Ace 2 which will make its debut on the global platform as the OnePlus 11R is said to equip a self-developed Super Frame Game Engine to accelerate the gaming performance of the device.

If we go into the flashbacks, the Chinese tech maker has made the same implementations for the OnePlus 11. Eventually, the top-end technology helps in maintaining 120fps (frames per second) irrespective of the game’s native frame rate. Thus, it provides immersive picture quality and visual experience to users.

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Surprisingly, we will find the same Super Frame Game Engine in the OnePlus 11R that will boost the overall gaming performance. Consequently, it will let you play any game in ultimate picture quality, even when the game doesn’t support high frame rates.

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According to the details, the Super Frame game engine will offer extraordinary game quality, making the display screen clearer and more vibrant. In addition, OnePlus Ace 2 will also hold a second chip on its internal surface, which will act as a professional rendering chip to give more raise to the gaming experience.

OnePlus 11R Super Frame gaming performance

The OnePlus China President – Li JieLouis explained in brief, how the new and self-developed Super Frame Game Engine is a dynamic addition to the device:

OnePlus Ace 2: The experience in all aspects is extraordinary among products of the same gear

  • Extraordinary texture design
  • Extraordinary performance release
  • Extraordinary smooth experience
  • Extraordinary game experience

OnePlus 11R Super Frame gaming performance

The chief also said that users looking at game performance can choose the OnePlus Ace 2 (Oneplus 11R) with confidence. Perhaps, the new technology not only provides dynamic visual effects but also breaks the limitations of the original frame rate and picture quality of mobile games to exceed the parameter of the game app.

It looks like the cheap version of OnePlus 11 is capable of providing healthy and super-duper benefits to its users. Let’s see what else we will get to explore in this device in the time ahead.


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