Wow! 8 year old OnePlus 2 gets latest Android 13, thanks LineageOS 20

OnePlus 2 gets latest Android 13

Do you remember the eight-year-old OnePlus 2 smartphone? The device has offered the best user experience and novel features at an affordable rate. And if you are the OnePlus 2 phone holder, then it’s time to give a new life to your handset with the Android 13 software update. Yes, the eldest member of the OnePlus smartphone family is finally receiving a new upgrade, but unofficially.

According to the latest information, Android 13-based LineageOS 20 is appearing with a fresh version for the OnePlus 2 devices. So far, the respective upgrade has rolled out for many handsets. As of now, the ultimate firmware is making its way to the older model of OnePlus with a huge bag of beneficial and thoughtful features.

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It’s worth mentioning that the official Android support for the OnePlus 2 devices ended with the Android 6.0 version. As a result of which, the users remained stagnant from the brand-new improvements and enhancements for their handy gadgets. Thus, this is the right moment for consumers who are still carrying the OnePlus 2 smartphone in their hands to grab some unique and bashing features with the help of the LineageOS 20 operating system.

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OnePlus 2 gets latest Android 13

Speaking of the additions that the LineageOS 20 brings to your device, the firmware amplifies the Wi-Fi, audio, camera, and connectivity functions. Besides, it all adds some new elements to the Ambient Display and other customization operations. On the other hand, you will also find some better tweaks in the performance and gestures aspects.

OnePlus 2 gets latest Android 13

However, being an unofficial ROM, there might be some issues with the security system, resulting in lags and buffering initially. Though the overall upgrade works fine with the device. Yet it’s better to opt for a few precautions such as backup and checking the version before proceeding with the installation, especially when you are planning to utilize it as your daily operator.

So OnePlus 2 smartphone users! Install the gigantic Android 13 upgrade and give a new boost to your gadget.