OnePlus 9 series users complain about Jio True 5G support issue

OnePlus 9 series users complain about Jio True 5G support issue

OnePlus has availed the True Jio 5G for its supportive devices in December 2022.  The ultimate service offered network efficiency benefits to numerous device owners so far. However, a few OnePlus 9 series holders are reporting a strange issue with the Jio True 5G facility.

According to the information given by a OnePlus 9 Pro user, the latest Jio True 5G is not supported in his device, which is a major issue. Though the device falls in the eligibility list for the 5G network capability. Yet, it always bumps with the pop-up menu, reading Check your 5G settings.

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That’s not it. As per the user’s statement, the My Jio app shows that the Jio Welcome Offer is already received by the handset. Hereby, the phone holders can use unlimited truly 5G data with speeds up to 1Gbps, at no additional cost. However, there is no ‘5G’ label at the status bar, even after altering all the network settings.

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On the other hand, a user claims that OnePlus 9 Pro 5G device just does not support the Jio 5G network. While the company has added the phone to the Jio True 5G list.

OnePlus 9 Pro 5G is a myth
OnePlus 9 Pro 5G mobile does not support Jio 5G while OnePlus is saying that it will support True 5G services

OnePlus 9 Jio True 5G issue

Apart from this Jio True 5G issue for OnePlus 9 series, there are a few more OnePlus phone users who are complaining that they didn’t receive any new build regarding the 5G network support. It looks like an update remained missing for some consumers on this subject.

OnePlus 9 Jio True 5G issue

Any Suggestions?

While users were busy reporting their problems, a handful of individuals suggested that this just could be a software bug, as the 5G network has already been enabled for Jio and Airtel after the latest OxygenOS 13 update. Moreover, a user even shared a screenshot showing the 5G services working efficiently on his device.

…you need 5G rolled out in your area plus you need to update the phone to the latest version of your firmware and update Jio app… After that you will get the Jio Welcome offer trial and you will be got to go. It’s all working fine with me…

OnePlus 9 Jio True 5G issue

Though the company has said that it will support carrier-locked variants, it doesn’t seems that every device is enjoying this benefit. Let’s see what new steps the company will take on this problem in the time ahead.

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