OnePlus Buds Ace (Nord Buds 2) will feature 36-hour battery life

OnePlus Nord Buds 2 battery

Today, OnePlus shared an interesting promo poster about the coming Buds Ace (Nord Buds 2) and described the key specs and battery life of the device. Accordingly, the features reveal that this Nord product won’t differ much from the Buds Pro 2 in terms of overall functioning and performance efficiency.

To begin with, OnePlus Buds Ace (Nord Buds 2) is the new product that will step into the consumer platform on February 7. And to raise the excitement of this mini gadget, the company is constantly sharing some or the other pinch. Currently, the tech maker has dropped an interesting blog on its Weibo channel defining the battery life of the OnePlus Buds Ace (Nord Buds 2).

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As per the latest details, the tiny device will provide 36 hours of battery life, including earphones and a charging case. Comparatively, this is 6 hours more than the previous Nord Buds. Besides, the earsets will appear with improved charging facilities. Thus, a 5-minute charge will offer 10 hours of playback time. Again this is 5 hours more than the predecessor.

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OnePlus Nord Buds 2 battery

On the flip side, the new Buds Ace (Nord Buds 2) will equip an ultimate bass system, known as BassWave. This technology will allow the user to hear the sound and audio more accurately.

In addition, it will also install a dual-core noise-reduction chipset to support ANC (active noise cancellation), and comfortable noise reduction, without any ear pressure.

OnePlus Nord Buds 2 battery

Further, the Buds Ace will bear Bluetooth 5.3 and 47ms latency tech segments. Till now, there are only two color options: Black and White. However, we could find some more shades in the time ahead.

In addition, the Chinese manufacturer briefly mentioned how this new device can play wonders in your hands!

“OnePlus Buds Ace – OnePlus’s first Ace series game noise-canceling headset, and also the recommended headset for the PEL Peace Elite Professional League! The new BassWave dynamic bass allows you to hear more accurately: precise noise reduction, long battery life, immerse yourself in black anytime, anywhere, game-level-low latency, which is worthy for your hand speed.”

OnePlus Nord Buds 2 battery

Even after being a cost-effective gadget, OnePlus Buds Ace (Nord Buds 2) is offering several useful features. This shows that the company is really making efforts with its upcoming gadgets to improve the overall user experience.


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