OnePlus claims to surpass Apple in smartphone market in 2023, but is it possible?

OnePlus claims to surpass Apple in smartphone market in 2023

OnePlus is recently in the news for its upcoming smartphone product – the OnePlus 11. The company is busy with the development chores of the respective device. But in the meantime, an unusual incident took place that forged the OnePlus to challenge Apple for its ranking in the smartphone market in 2023.

Recently, the owner of the popular YouTube channel MKBHD – Marques Brownlee published the list of best smartphones in 2022. While many handsets were aligned at the top position, the OnePlus 10T received the tag of “the most disappointing phone of the year”. As a result, the Chinese tech maker decided to frame a quote on social media and affirm to gain good grades in 2023.

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“How to we claim our trophy? We’ll prove you wrong in 2023.”

But here comes another embarrassing moment for the company. OnePlus has tweeted the statement with an iPhone. Consequently, Twitter has the policy to show which medium you are using to share posts on social media. Thus, when OnePlus took the action, Twitter reflected the device name under the post – “via Twitter for iPhone”.

Now the question is, when OnePlus itself uses an iPhone on daily basis, how it could beat Apple in the smartphone market in 2023? On what points, did the Chinese firm state that it will prove users’ perspectives wrong in the upcoming year?

OnePlus 11 could be a solution!

Well, the first thing that we can see on the surface is the OnePlus 11. This is the foremost element that can help in raising the OnePlus standard in the smartphone market. But that is only possible when the company will impose some really good technologies and features on the device.

So far, we have grabbed many new names in the OnePlus 11 hood. Hence, we could assume that the Chinese manufacturer’s next gadget could help the company to surpass tech giants like Apple to some extent. Still, OnePlus has a lot to work on.

OnePlus claims to surpass Apple in smartphone market in 2023