OnePlus-Dolby partnership will raise audio and visual experience to next level

OnePlus Dolby partnership

OnePlus has announced its new plan for the welfare of its users. The company said that it will officially declare its partnership with the Dolby groups and labs to benefit its upcoming OnePlus devices. Eventually, this association will help in rising the level of the audio and visual experience for consumers.

For your information, Dolby Laboratories (Dolby) is an American company which has specialized in audio noise reduction, audio encoding/compression, spatial audio, and HDR imaging. The support of these techs enriches the overall device usage and makes the audio and visual segments more efficient.

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The Chinese manufacturer has provided Dolby Atmos support to many of its devices so far. For instance, OnePlus 7 series, and OnePlus 8 series which has satisfied users a lot. The happy consumers even said that they have never enjoyed audio and visual effects like this before.

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However, a few devices like Nord 2 remains untouched by the Dolby Atmos blessing. Recently, a user put forth his thought on why Dolby Atmos is missing from the OnePlus Nord 2 and asked if there’s any way to get a likewise feature with the Android 13 upgrade.

OnePlus Dolby partnership

“I have used Rs 12000 phones before, its sound is much better than my Nord 2. Realme, Samsung, and Redmi offer Dolby Atmos at this price, why not my Nord 2? Wired earphones sound bad and don’t support true HD sound via Bluetooth. As a music lover, I am very sad.”

Since Dolby Atmos is a hardware feature, it cannot be imposed with a software upgrade. Although, the new OnePlus-Dolby partnership could be a great achievement for the upcoming Nord lineup.

The company has shared this news on its official Twitter page. OnePlus will initiate this cooperation in the Cloud 11 event. It would be worth seeing what else surprises we will get to see at this conference.