OnePlus foldable phones ‘V Fold/ V Flip’ coming soon

OnePlus V Fold Flip foldable

OnePlus has again captured the headlines space with the ‘folding phone’ topic. As per the latest input revealings, the company has already trademarked the OnePlus V Flip and V Fold foldable phone monikers and we can soon have these gadgets in our midst.

The story outline begins when tipster @MukulSharma shared a new tweet on his Twitter wall. Accordingly, the tweet reflected two new names – OnePlus V Fold and V Flip foldable that recently appeared on the trademark listing. To affirm his leak, the tipster also shared an image showing the monikers (name) of the folding devices.

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Further, the information also suggests that the manufacturer has started internal testing for one of these folding gadgets in several regions including Europe, so far. However, it seems like the devices have just entered the manufacturing process. Thus, we could expect the launch of the OnePlus first-ever folding phones in the latter half of this year.

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Consequently, the new leak has raised a variety of questions in users’ minds. Since OPPO has already launched its Find N series, consumers are assuming that the OnePlus V models could be a replica of the same. But that’s just speculation, and we still have to wait to see the real-time results.

It’s good to see that we have finally found some pinches on the OnePlus foldable phones. Though these devices were in rumors for a long time, we didn’t receive many hints on this matter. As of now, the gadget has started appearing in development, and we will surely get some more info on its specs in the time ahead.

OnePlus V Fold Flip foldable

The launch of the OnePlus folding phones also means a new competitor in the foldable market. Eventually, with OnePlus V Flip and V Fold, Samsung will get some tough competition in terms of gadgets. But the level of toughness will depend on how the Chinese tech maker implements its devices.

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