OnePlus ‘fully customizable’ mechanical keyboard is coming soon

OnePlus 'fully customizable' mechanical keyboard is coming soon

OnePlus 11 is the main topic to discuss among users nowadays. While the bashing smartphone is still in the development stage, the company has slid its hands into one more gadget. Yes, we are hearing the bell ring of a new OnePlus mechanical keyboard which will appear on the consumer platform with several interesting features.

As per the input sayings, OnePlus recently shook hands with the well-known Keychron cooperation. The industry is popular for manufacturing high-end, mechanical, custom, as well as wireless keyboards. On the flip side, the company serves as a keyboard supplier for Windows, Mac, iPhone, and Android.

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Speaking of the new mechanical keyboard, OnePlus shared an interesting post on its official community platform. Eventually, the new keyboard will flexibly work with tasks and gaming scenarios. On the other hand, the company will focus on the following aspects to make a fully customizable gadget for the users:

  • Combining durability with soft-to-the-touch contact
  • Being suitable for all major working requirements
  • Being durable even after long-term usage

Alongside the implements, the tech maker also assures that the new keyboard will eliminate the traditional typing and clicking issues. As a result, we could find convenient benefits with the upcoming mechanical board.

OnePlus mechanical keyboard

Although the officials didn’t mention any details regarding the launch of the respective keyboard. But the information suggests that the Chinese manufacturer could unveil and highlight the keyboard details on December 15. However, the company itself hadn’t said any word on this matter yet.

So far, OnePlus has put forth its plan to bring the first monitor to the user’s surface. And it looks like the company has started making preparations on this subject. Till now, the company was bound with smartphone manufacturing, but now it is slowly expanding its floor to more gadgets.

In the meantime, we have seen a variety of OnePlus devices. For instance, wireless earbuds, accessories, and smartwatches. We also heard about a OnePlus Tablet. At this point, it would be worth seeing what new changes will we get with the upcoming keyboard.