OnePlus OxygenOS 13.1 could reintroduce ‘app rename’ feature

OxygenOS 13.1 app rename feature

OxygenOS 13 has provided users with many interesting features on their devices. However, there are a few segments that OnePlus phone holders are missing a lot. And one such thoughtful element is the App Rename feature which OnePlus might bring back on the surface with the OxygenOS 13.1 operating system.

To those who are unaware, the App Rename feature is a significant action on your smartphone. As the name suggests, it lets you change the name of some particular applications efficiently. Since some apps contain a huge name, it creates an untidy look at the home screen. Perhaps, the app rename feature offers an elegant view on the display panel.

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We can understand the use of the App Rename feature with an example. For instance, Amazon Shopping can remain simple with the term ‘Amazon’. This not only looks better but also fits within 1 line and not 2.

So far, the reflective feature was accessible till Android 11. Thereafter, the company skipped this part with Android 12-based software updates and didn’t bring it till now. Consequently, users emerged on the forum and questioned the Chinese tech maker as to why there is no app renaming feature to date.

Finally, an answer came from the official person that the company has penned down the feedback and will put forth efforts to impose the feature with OxygenOS 13.

OxygenOS 13.1 app rename feature

“Thanks for the feedback. After receiving user feedback in Community, our R&D Team has adopted this advice for App Renaming, which will be updated in OxygenOS 13 later. Stay tuned!”

But it seems like, things will only take a real turn with the upcoming upgrade. There are chances that the tech maker has saved this feature for the forthcoming upgrade. Eventually, we may find the App Rename feature on our OnePlus devices with OxygenOS 13.1 version.

It would be surprising to see whether OnePlus brings the feature back with OxygenOS 13 or if will it wait till the release of OxygenOS 13.1.

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