OnePlus OxygenOS 13 offers these options under Connection and Sharing

OnePlus connection and sharing OxygenOS 13

The connection and Sharing feature is anonymously a magical option in the OnePlus OxygenOS 13 smartphone, it lets your phone’s mobile data connection with another smartphone, tablet, or computer to the internet, Connection and Sharing this form is called tethering or using a hotspot.

The company recently unveiled the OxygenOS 13 version, to explore it more here you check the arrange and available options in the OnePlus connection and sharing feature. Notably, the Connection and Sharing features are important in terms of sharing networks.

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OnePlus connection and sharing OxygenOS 13

Notably, the option will easy availed there on the Settings apps, Just open it  from here the third option for your devices is Connection and sharing under this you will get the following below mentioned options:

Airplane mode


    • Personal hotspot
    • Hotspot settings
    • Connection management
    • Automatically turn off the personal hotspot
    • Bluetooth tethering
    • USB tethering



    • Tap & pay: Default Payment app

Private DNS

    • Off
    • Auto
    • Specified DNS

Android Auto

  • General settings
    • Customize launcher
    • Hey Google detection
    • Day/Night mode for maps
    • Start Android Auto automatically
    • Start Android Auto while locked
    • Start music automatically
    • Google Assistant
    • Weather
    • Driver seat location
  • Notifications
    • Show the first line of conversations
    • Show conversions
    • Show group conversations
    • Play Conversation Chime
  • System
    • Wireless Android Auto
    • Google Analytics Auto
  • About
    • Privacy Policy
    • Safety, Data, and Legal Notices


  • Search for display devices


Quick device connection

All these features make your work life easy and manageable, Using the OxygenOS 13 Connection and sharing feature users can share their network and many other activities in the below-mentioned feature. To learn more about such available options in your OxygenOS 13 and to explore the new era of software just stay tuned to us.

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