OnePlus OxygenOS 14 might bring a useful screen feature to help you in dark

OnePlus OxygenOS 14 screen feature

OxygenOS 14 could opt for a significant screen feature that will help OnePlus fans even in dark rooms or at nighttime. While there will be several new additions in the upcoming version, a tweak like this will prove an eye-saving element for users.

The clues are coming from the Twitter channel of @MishaalRahmaan, who is constantly sharing dynamic points that will make their way to eligible devices with Android 14.

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According to the observer, the US tech giant is working on operating the “brightness sensor to determine the screen’s initial brightness”. From the name, the function will aid your handset in taking the ambient light into account and ensure that the screen is not too bright in dark or low-light surroundings.

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Furthermore, the analyst has spotted this addition in the source code of Android 13 QPR2. Eventually, this feature could arrive with the 14th version in the approaching days to overcome the challenges with the auto-brightness segment of the devices.

That’s right! Though auto brightness plays a good-enough role in your smartphone, it often becomes an obstacle to our eyes. Especially in dark environments. Thus, a brightness sensor can appear as a blessing to save our sight from direct light.

OnePlus OxygenOS 14 screen feature

In case you are wondering how this works, it will acknowledge the initial stage of the screen brightness under normal light scenarios, ensuring that bright rays may not affect your eyes when you move to a dark surrounding from a bright one.

“Use a brightness sensor to determine the screen’s initial brightness”

Test: Use the device in a bright room, turn the screen off, go to a dark room, turn the screen on, and see that the screen doesn’t start as too bright.

OnePlus has already offered the Eye Comfort feature to its devices to help users with eye strain. However, the warm light usually makes users uncomfortable, which is why we mostly turn the toggle off of this prominent element.

Meanwhile, the screen brightness feature won’t be a huge change in OnePlus OxygenOS 14. Yet it will surely count as a useful one.


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