OnePlus Pad is also coming to Cloud 11 launch event?

OnePlus Pad is also coming to Cloud 11 launch event?

OnePlus is slowly approaching the Cloud 11 release conference with a massive bundle of gadgets. The list begins with the dynamic OnePlus 11 smartphone and ends with the sleeky OnePlus TV 65 Q2 Pro. Now a new device named OnePlus Pad is also hearsay to launch at the same event.

It’s not the first time, that the OnePlus Pad has appeared in the launch headlines. Earlier this month, the tech maker was in rumors of bringing its first-ever Android tablet alongside the OnePlus 11R handset. Since the R model was in consideration to release by the end of Q2 2023, there were chances to see the new tablet device in April or May this year.

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Consequently, the OnePlus 11R is set to launch on February 7, and looks like so is the case with OnePlus Pad. According to the details surfing on the online social media platform –Twitter, we can say that OnePlus will also release its first-ever Android tablet at Cloud 11 global launch event.

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The well-known tipster Mukul Sharma sneaked into the official OnePlus Twitter wall and explored the latest published teaser of the launch event. Eventually, the clip shows OnePlus 11, and Buds Pro 2 standing on a slate which is tipped to be the OnePlus Pad device.

OnePlus Pad is also coming to Cloud 11 launch event?

Although there aren’t any details on the specifications of this new gadget. But the video shows a slim-trim and translucent surface. Meanwhile, the edges give a glossy look in round corners with a power button on the left side. Ultimately, the overall layout tells that the OnePlus Pad will be an iconic addition to the Cloud 11 launch event.

There are still some days left in the OnePlus 11 global release conference. Thus, we could expect some official tweaks on this matter by the nearing date. By that time, you can have a look at the previous news of this device.

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