OnePlus smartphone users missing the old ‘removable battery’ concept

OnePlus smartphone removable battery

OnePlus is looking for new ways that can make its gadgets stand at the top in the smartphone market. However, users are suggesting some old features that should make a comeback with the next coming OnePlus smartphone model and one such element is the ‘removable battery’.

Over time, we have seen many dynamic and interesting changes in smartphones. From length to thickness, from camera to overall design, the tech makers have modified their gadgets to bring the best version to the consumer platform.

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However, the ultimate change that doesn’t satisfy the users much is the ‘non-removable’ battery. And so is the case with OnePlus smartphone users who are missing and demanding the old ‘removable battery’ concept in the devices.

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A OnePlus fan recently bumped into the community forum keeping his points on what smartphone features should return in the time ahead. To begin with, the user shared the first point as the Removable batteries.

Further, he said that the respective segment in the device has been a lifesaver on more than a dozen occasions, and tons of users still miss it. Following the thread, many individuals agreed with the fact and kept their opinion.

OnePlus smartphone removable battery

In the meantime, a user said there are high chances that we could soon find this feature back on future coming devices.

“The removable battery is the best old-style feature I’d like to see on future devices. This feature is not so strange and far to be real. EU is working on statement to make devices easier to change hardware and teardown them.”

On exploration, we found that the EU has briefed a notice regarding the removable batteries. As per the details, the legislature wants the tech makers to implement this tech on the upcoming devices (including industrial batteries, automotive batteries, and electric batteries) for user convenience.

If the company initiates this useful implementation, then it will become quite efficient for users to remove and replace the battery without spending extra pennies. Moreover, they will be able to carry another piece of battery and can change it whenever wanted.

What are your thoughts on this matter? Will you vote for the irreplaceable batteries or the removable ones? Share your thoughts in the comment section.

OnePlus smartphone removable battery

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