OnePlus tries to knock over the new Samsung Galaxy S23 series

OnePlus knock Samsung Galaxy S23

And here comes the Samsung Galaxy S23 series – the second flagship model of this year. The Korean tech maker has badged a bunch of iconic techs on its new gadget to completely bind the eyes of its users. But, it looks like OnePlus is not much impressed with the latest Galaxy S23 lineup, and is constantly trying to knock down Samsung.

After the wrap-up of the Unpacked launch event, OnePlus took steps on its Twitter channel, and tried to cast a shade over the Galaxy S23 series with a series of the hottest takes about the Samsung release conference.

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Thereafter, the Chinese tech maker posted a variety of comments on Samsung’s new flagship product. From the camera aspects to the pricing details, the company stated how the latest S23 Ultra feels the same as the S22 Ultra, and there are hardly any differences.

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Agreeing with the tweet, many OnePlus fans shared some sarcastic tweets and images on the Twitter platform. At some point, even we agree that Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra and S22 Ultra don’t show any huge changes between them.

Further, OnePlus also questioned why the device has the prefix ‘Galaxy’ and not the Astronomical pricing. Consequently, the poke was mainly on the high rates of the Galaxy S23 series which often seems like an ‘out of range’ handy gadget for many consumers in the smartphone market.

Will OnePlus 11 mark it up to the point?

Apart from all the mockings, the major question is: Will the upcoming OnePlus 11 take over the Galaxy S23? Despite Samsung’s high-priced and repetitive design policy, the tech giant still stands as one of the best and top smartphone makers in the market. On the other hand, we are well aware of the OnePlus handset’s history.

Of course, OnePlus 11 proves a game-changer device in the OnePlus smartphone family, but how far it could run in this flagship race is still a question to answer. It would be worth seeing how much OnePlus knock down to Samsung Galaxy S23 proves correct, on February 7.

OnePlus knock Samsung Galaxy S23

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