Status bar icons for OnePlus OxygenOS 13/Android 13 [List]

OxygenOS 13 Android 13 status bar icons

Google has officially confirmed that Android 13 will launch soon and OnePlus is also ready with its OxygenOS 13 to deliver new features. Moving on, several new enhancements have been made to the performance of OxygenOS 13, thanks to Android 13, except the status bar icons.

Status bar icons are displayed in the status bar at the top of the screen. These help you to identify the features or their corresponding category.

OxygenOS 13/Android 13 could bring us further improvements with the Material You dynamic theme but these icons appear as they were in the past OxygenOS version.

Below you can check all of the OxygenOS 13/Android status bar icons.

  • Signal strength
  • Location service enabled
  • Wi-Fi
  • Alarm enabled
  • No SIM card
  • Silent mode enabled
  • Roaming
  • Vibration mode enabled
  • Connected to GPRS network Airplane mode enabled
  • 3G Connected to UMTS network
  • Normal charging
  • Connected to HSDPA network Battery capacity
  • Connected to HSPA+ network NFC enabled
  • 4G Connected to LTE network
  • Gaming mode enabled
  • Connected to 5G network
  • Do not disturb mode enabled
  • Bluetooth enabled
  • Wi-Fi hotspot enabled

OxygenOS 13 Android 13 status bar icons

Each of these icons serves their own purpose in the OxygenOS user interface, whether it’s in the quick settings panel or the settings menu, you can find them all around your OnePlus smartphone screen depending on the option.

Currently, OnePlus is testing OxygenOS 13 under the beta testing for the OnePlus 10 Pro model and the company has sent out beta features for the corresponding device users. However, we can expect a stable rollout after Google announces Android 13 for global Android smartphone users.

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