These new OxygenOS 13 battery-saving features can extend your OnePlus phone’s life

OxygenOS 13 battery features

OxygenOS 13 has remained one of the most awaited operating systems among OnePlus users. The respective firmware dives into your OnePlus smartphone with numerous exciting and useful features. However, something we will especially recommend is the new OxygenOS 13 battery-saving features.

Yes, the OnePlus OxygenOS 13 offers a handful of reflective features that can eventually extend your phone’s life. These elements not only help in battery saving but also uplift the device’s performance. As a result, you can spend more time on your phone without worrying about power consumption.

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So without making any further delay, let’s understand these new OxygenOS 13 battery-saving features.

To begin with, there are three highly effective battery options in the latest OxygenOS 13. These functions are regarding battery management, sleep standby mode, and optimizing battery usage for each app.

  • Optimize battery use: Automatically optimize apps that are draining the battery in the background. Besides, you can also select the apps manually that you want to use less battery.
  • Sleep standby optimization: Your device consumes less power and reduces notifications when you are asleep.
  • App battery management: In this option, you can select the app according to your requirement for disabling the foreground, and background, or to off the auto-launch app.

These options will help in reducing battery consumption as per your needs without causing any hindrance to the performance or functioning of the smartphone.

You can check out these features whenever you experience unnecessary heating or quick battery drainage in your OnePlus smartphone. Consequently, these tweaks will help in maintaining the durability of your device and will make it more reliable for future use.

How to access these features?

You can easily find out these auto-optimize features in the Settings menu of your handset. Just navigate to Settings > Battery followed by More Settings. Although, make sure that you have the latest OxygenOS 13 build to operate these features efficiently.

OxygenOS 13 battery features