Yep! OnePlus Community App will get 9 new features with next update

OnePlus Community App February 2023 update features

Hey, OnePlus fans! Here is an exciting piece of news for you. The company has confirmed to push 9 new features and enhanced changes for the OnePlus Community app with the next February 2023 update.

Yes! You read it right. The term ‘February update’ is a little strange but that’s what the OnePlus moderator said on the community forum. With a post entitled “OnePlus Community App Update February”, the official mentioned 9 new features for the OnePlus Community App that will take place with the next February 2023 update.

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It has been a long while since we have received any new or major highlights in the community app. Consequently, we observed a few modifications with the November 2022 update for the font size, and text sections.

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Thereafter, the company made itself busy with optimizing the base and internal framework of the application program to make it efficient for daily operations. However, the company said to lean back on new features for the Community users.

Flashing some light on the new features, the moderator said that the next update, based on February 2023 will be quite beneficial for the OnePlus Community App. Further, he dropped a list of additions that will take place with the coming version.

OnePlus Community App February 2023 update features

Here are the upcoming features in the February update:
  • Emoji & Gifs in posts (App only)
  • You will now be able to report & delete direct messages
  • Option to block users
  • Device source label – thread, comments, and replies will show the device source if you’re using the Community app on devices running Android 12 or above
  • Circles recommendation in the editor
  • Automatic draft saving on mobile browser
  • More space for your videos! The limit for videos has been increased from 100MB to 300MB. Now, upload longer videos in better quality
  • Add a join button on the All Circle page
  • The Point Center Page now features a newly integrated chatbot for customer service, capable of handling inquiries and providing assistance related to E-commerce and RedCoins

Furthermore, the moderator said that there are more features on the list. Accordingly, these changes will emerge with the March update along with finer improvements for web and mobile browsers.

So OnePlus users! make sure that you keep the OnePlus Community App up-to-date to experience new features.

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