It’s time for OnePlus to bring back pop-up selfie camera on its smartphone

OnePlus smartphone pop-up camera

OnePlus plays greatly with innovation when it comes to smartphone design. A good example is the latest OnePlus 11 which has appeared on the consumer platform with a giant circular camera bump and a glossy + matte combination on the back panel. However, there are a few things such as the pop-up selfie camera that OnePlus fans want back on their smartphone.

Do you remember the iconic pop-up addition? The Chinese tech maker has introduced this amazing implementation with the OnePlus 7/ 7T Pro phones. Since then, the pop-up selfie camera has become a favorite feature for the OnePlus smartphone users. The respective attribute not only exhibits a unique way of capturing images but is also considered the best solution to achieve a full-screen display.

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Although, after the 7th handset lineup, we didn’t find OnePlus using any such equipment on its flagship gadgets. Consequently, there are a few reasons why the ultimate company has just skipped the most favorable part of its smartphones. And one of the significant causes is the restriction in the IP ratings.

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Over time, certifications like IP 68 rating, water and dust resistance, and a few more have become important for the newly arrived devices. Eventually, a gadget with a pop-up lens won’t get the respective rating. As a result, the company has to drop the pop-up selfie camera idea for the OnePlus 8 series.

Another reason is Pop-Up camera requires stepper motors that don’t run for a long time and making the mechanisms useless. Moreover, if the phone drops with the camera open then the consequences of ‘no more selfies’ is quite understandable. Though there are some options to protect it yet one cannot take risks.

OnePlus smartphone pop-up camera

Whatever the reason is, the pop-up lens is the best! No matter why the company has removed this admirable part, it should bring it back to its upcoming handsets. For your information, a pop-up camera has its own merits. For instance, if someone tries to hack your camera then it cannot operate without the camera coming out, which makes the user aware. Also, it gives you an idea of which apps in the device are having camera access.

Not immediately, but we anticipate seeing such an addition again on the smartphone in the time ahead. What are your thoughts on this matter? Do you want the pop-up camera back or are you satisfied with the punch-hole lenses? Let us know in the comment section.

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