New OnePlus software update policy may put Samsung in a tough spot

New OnePlus software update policy may put Samsung in a tough spot

OnePlus is making some dynamic changes in its software update policy that could give a tough fight to Samsung. As of now, OnePlus will offer four years of major Android OS software updates, and five years of security update support to its upcoming flagship devices. Eventually, the new rule will raise the standard of OnePlus among users.

Up to this point, OnePlus was pacing in the smartphone market with 3 Android OS rollouts and four security patch distributions. However, in a recently conducted event, the OEM announced that the next coming smartphones will receive more benefits in terms of software updates.

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Notably, this change will elevate the smartphone experience. Users will be able to access more of the latest security improvements as well as the newest features to boost the overall performance and functioning of their OnePlus handsets.

Although the old OnePlus devices won’t play any role in this change. They will continue to receive the rollout in the same upgrade scheming. Yet somehow, the company is trying to compete and excel in the market with new plans and actions for its phones.

How OnePlus can beat Samsung?

Among several tech makers, Samsung remains at the top when it comes to software updates. The manufacturer continues to check the stability and reliability of its smart gadgets with every new firmware. Further, it keeps sending improvements and new features so that users can get the utmost benefits.

At the onset of this year, Samsung released a new regulation for its high-end smartphones. This new policy carried four Android OS upgrades and security updates for five years. While many other tech makers remained in the same circle, Samsung started leading the software upgrade path with better update support.

New OnePlus software update policy may put Samsung in a tough spot

But it looks like the new OnePlus software update policy could build up a battleground for Samsung. For your information, both tech giants share the same update strategy for their smartphones with 4 years of Android OS and 5 years of security patches.

A difference that we can track here is Samsung has already applied the latest policy to the Galaxy S22 series. Whereas, OnePlus is in the preparation phase and will soon bring the policy into use with the OnePlus 11 series.  In short, users will start receiving a new package of benefits with the 2023 OnePlus models.

Will new changes bring OnePlus to the top?

OnePlus is making great efforts to make the smartphone experience more convenient for its users. No doubt, these enhancements will drag users’ attention and could lift the demand for OnePlus in the smartphone market. It would be worth watching how the new policy will help OnePlus to attain new heights in the time ahead.