OxygenOS should bring iOS-like secured browsing features

OxygenOS iOS-like secured browsing

Many of you are surfing the internet without knowing which link or site can harm your smartphone data. Similarly, there is no built-in web browser included in your OnePlus phone but with the help of Google, you can access the web surfing. But we are seeing, that Apple iOS has something extra in this part, and we are expecting that OxygenOS should bring iOS-like secured Browsing features.


OxygenOS should bring iOS-like secured browsing features

If you have used any Apple product at any time you may have noticed that when you look at what you buy online, all of a sudden you see that product all over the web. This happens when third parties track cookies and other website data to serve ads on different websites.

With Apple iOS enhanced Safari feature it prevents advertisers and websites from using a combination of device-specific features to create a “fingerprint” for you to track. These features include device and browser settings and the fonts and plugins you have installed.

To combat fingerprinting, Safari offers a simplified version of the system configuration that makes more devices look like trackers and are harder to detect. This protection is on by default, so no additional steps are required.

Private Browsing

When you turn on Private Browsing, Safari doesn’t add the sites you visit in your history, remember your searches, or save information from forms you fill out online. You can use content blockers to control the content loaded in your browser and prevent anyone from trying to track your activity on the website or websites.

The support for content blockers is designed so that information about what the user is viewing is not sent to the developer. As it is built in a web browser it offers you fast and energy efficiency, Safari offers innovative features while protecting your privacy.

OxygenOS iOS-like secured browsing

This app Safari is designed to make websites work as expected while blocking unwanted cross-site tracking. Also, it controls data sent to third parties such as search engines and provides many other features that help protect your privacy, such as private browsing and secure password management. Safari protects your privacy without changing the default settings.

Apple iOS 16

Apple with this year’s OS upgrades you’ll be able to share a collection of sheets with your friends. Anyone can add their own tabs and instantly see updates in a tab group while collaborating. Also, the tab groups have their own start page that you can customize with background images, favorites as well you can customize tab groups with tabs pinned to each group.

In addition, the Safari app will bring web push notification support for opt-in notifications on iOS next year. Well, you’ll also see the Synchronization of Extensions that will add-ons from other devices listed in Safari preferences. Once installed, the extension is synced, so you only need to activate it once.

Moreover, the Synchronize website settings can be set for specific websites, like screen zoom and auto-display reader, to sync across devices. Furthermore, now the Safari web page can be translated to support Arabic, Dutch, Indonesian, Korean, Polish, Thai, Turkish, and Vietnamese. Likewise, the web page image translation from images using Live Text.