Amazon unveiled its first fully autonomous mobile warehouse robot


According to the latest report, Amazon announced the launch of its first “automatic mobile robot “, designed to carry large carts for warehouses. The robot is called Proteus, and Amazon says it can safely navigate around human employees.


Amazon says the Proteus robot has “advanced safety, perception and navigation technology” and has a searchlight green light as it moves around. The robot stops moving when the person steps into the green light, then resumes when the person leaves.

Moreover, Amazon has also announced several other robotic systems. One, called Cardinal, is a robotic arm that can lift and move packages weighing up to 50 pounds, and a computer vision system allows the robot to pick and pick up individual packages in a pile. Amazon hopes to deploy it in warehouses next year.

AmazonIn addition, Amazon showed off a device that can be used instead of manually scanning barcodes. Workers stand in front of a camera system that identifies packages without stopping to scan labels.

Amazon claims all of its new robots can help improve safety. Cardinal will help where workers carry packages to avoid worker injuries. And Proteus could “reduce the need for people to manually move heavy objects.” The company is also developing a robot that can deliver containers to workers instead of having them bend or climb up to get something.