AMD Radeon RX 6600M to feature Navi 23 XM GPU

by Ashish

AMD’s upcoming notebook graphics card RX 6600M has been exposed in the driver files. It has been reported that RX 6600M will be equipped with Navi 23 GPU, which has up to 2048 stream processors.

In terms of video memory, this independent display will be equipped with 128bit 4GB/8GB video memory, with a bandwidth of 224 GB/s, and a 32MB unlimited cache.

When AMD released the RX 6900XT series of graphics cards, it had announced that a new RNDA2 architecture notebook standalone display was about to be released. AMD said that the RDNA2 architecture has brought a number of innovations.

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Through the application of advanced energy-saving technologies, each computing unit can obtain up to 30% energy efficiency improvement in each cycle, the new AMD Infinity Cache technology provides greater bandwidth and lower power.

Compared with the RDNA architecture design, the RDNA2 architecture can increase the acceleration frequency by up to 30% under the same energy consumption level through the high-speed design method, and the performance per watt can be increased by up to 54%.


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