Apple’s App Store rules will restrict Netflix Games feature: Report 

Netflix recently announced the launch of its  Netflix Games feature, which will allow Netflix users to play games on their mobile devices, and it already supports the Android platform.

Moreover, Netflix said it is developing the iOS version of the game function, but the latest report suggests that Apple’s App Store rules will prevent Netflix from providing games through its built-in app features.

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Apple prohibits third-party apps from serving as gaming centers, which has become a point of contention with cloud gaming services such as Xbox Cloud Gaming, Nvidia GeForce Now, and Google Stadia. Cloud gaming services can only solve this problem by providing games through web apps, just like Facebook.

According to Gurman’s latest Power on news letter, Netflix will provide its games through the App Store to indirectly bypass Apple’s rules, which means that games cannot be downloaded or played from the Netflix App.

“Apple will need to change its rules or give Netflix an exemption,” Gulman said. “This puts the ultimate success of the Netflix service in Apple’s hands. Apple is a long-term partner, but also a growing competitor.”

Besides, the current games on Netflix Games include “Stranger Things: 1984”, “Stranger Things 3: The Game”, “Shooting Hoops”, “Card Blast” and “Teeter Up”.

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