Colorful released new version of GT 1010 graphics card

Colorful has launched a GeForce GT 1010 graphics card with DDR4 memory, which is more “new” than the existing GDDR5 version.  The official website parameters show that the graphics card is equipped with 2GB DDR4 memory.


Moreover, the memory bandwidth is only 16.8 GB/s, the number of CUDA cores is 256, the base frequency is 1151MHz, the acceleration frequency is 1379MHz, and the TDP is only 20W, which is 30W higher than the GDDR5 version. Even lower, equipped with two HDMI ports.

Colorful’s official description of the graphics card is:

  • Exquisite and exquisite entry-level graphics card quietly debut

  • A small card body fits into most chassis

  • 2G video memory provides more possibilities for new players

  • Experience the true charm of uniqueness


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