Google Pixel 6 Pro ranked seventh in DXOMARK camera test

Google Pixel 6

According to the latest report,  DXOMARK announced the Google Pixel 6 Pro camera score results, Google Pixel 6 Pro total score 135 points, currently ranked seventh in the list. The camera of Pixel 6 Pro consists of 3 cameras, a 50-megapixel main camera, 1/1.31 inch sensor, 1.2µm pixels, 24mm equivalent f/1.85 aperture lens, support for optical image stabilization, and dual PDAF.

A 12.5 million pixel ultra-wide-angle lens, 1/2.86 inch sensor, 1.25μm pixels, 16mm equivalent f/2.2 aperture lens. A 48 million pixel telephoto lens, 1/2.0 inch sensor, 0.80μm pixels, 102.6mm equivalent (4x zoom) f/3.5 aperture lens, support optical zoom, and PDAF.

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DXOMARK said that as the first Pixel phone with three cameras, this new design gives the Pixel series a level that can impact the best camera phones. At least from an imaging point of view, Pixel 6 Pro has surpassed the Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra and other models.

The newly added 4x telephoto lens in the Pixel 6 Pro imaging system has excellent zoom performance, and the final imaging effect is even comparable to that of the iPhone 13 Pro Max, and the Pixel 6 Pro is also better than the iPhone 13 in terms of exposure and imaging quality.

Pro Max is better although the performance of the iPhone 13 Pro Max will be better in other test items, such as image preview and autofocus. Google focused on optimizing the performance of contrast and portrait shooting in-camera tuning. Generally speaking, the quality of the camera is very reliable.

Moreover,  DXOMARK said that although the Pixel 6 Pro can provide excellent details in outdoor and indoor sunny conditions, noise can often be seen in photos taken under indoor lighting or in low lightIn terms of video shooting, the performance of Pixel 6 Pro is significantly weaker than that of iPhone 13 Pro Max, especially in shooting scenes that require high contrast.

Of course, these are the traditional advantages of the iPhone, and when recording video, the exposure and white balance of the screen will be affected. The current top three DXOMARK camera rankings are Huawei P50 Pro (144 points), Xiaomi 11 Ultra (143 points), and Huawei Mate 40 Pro+ (139 points), and this time it also announced the Pixel 6 Pro The front-facing camera test score of 102 points, currently ranked fourth.

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