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Green Alliance introduced first 40W USB Type-C super fast charging adapter for Huawei devices

by Ashish

Green Alliance has launched a new super-fast charger for Huawei devices, in co-operation with this Chinese tech giant. The charger supports a 40W output rate with a USB Type-C charging style that is supported in the Huawei devices.

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Charging a device with the perfect charger is a must in order to avoid any damages. Recently, we have reported about the fake charger being made to manipulate users. While you should beware and check the originality of the charger before you buy from an unknown source.

Green Alliance fast charger specs

The newly launched Green Alliance 40W charger uses Huawei’s fast charging technology and supports PD fast charge. It meets the charging needs of the users and has also obtained the DFH certification.

With this cooperation, the Huawei users now have another option to go for, rather than using any third-party charger from the market. It comes with a folding pin design which makes it more durable and portable.

The charging adapter is available in a bunch of different colors such as White, Navy, Pink, Cyan, Green, and many others to choose from. In performance terms, it supports five charging outputs including 5V/3A, 9V/3A. 12V/2A, and 10V/4A, and 11V/3A.

Moreover, it also supports PD fast charging technology that makes it more versatile to use on different kinds of devices such as Android phones, iPhone 12, Switch gaming consoles, tablets, laptops, and other gadgets.

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As it uses Huawei charging tech, then there should not be any questions regarding the quality, it will be fully compatible with any Huawei device.

Huawei HarmonyOS 2 has fake charger detecting technology

The new HarmonyOS 2.0 can even detect a fake charger if you are using it with your smartphone. Huawei aims to ensure the safety of its users while charging looking at the number of incidents happening with the users that could also cost a life.

Secondly, it also prevents the battery of the device from being exploited due to the bad quality of the fake charger. Read more here


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