Happy Plus One: Blizzard launched an unlimited play version of Overwatch for free

by RPRNA Group

Blizzard has now released the latest “Overwatch” free gift event, which only requires you to bind your Huya or Douyu account, but the daily limit, a total of 500,000 copies, the event will be 2021 Ends on April 15th.

How to get:

Open the address->bind Huya or Douyu account->drop down page->7 to choose 3 to receive->daily limit, if not, come back at 10:05 the next morning ->receive the account within 3 days after receiving.

Benefit 1: “Hearthstone” Nemshi Soulmarsh Warlock Skin

Bonus 2: “Heartstone” Darkmoon Circus card pack (a total of 500,000 copies)

Benefit 3: “World of Warcraft” monthly card 5 yuan coupon

Benefit 4: “Diablo III”-“Reincarnation” content pack 10 yuan coupon (total 5000 copies)

Benefit 5: “Heroes of the Storm” 5 yuan coupon can only be used for “250 gems” (5000 copies in total)

Benefit 6: “Overwatch” play pack or “Overwatch” Collector’s Edition upgrade pack (total 500,000 copies)

Benefit 7: “StarCraft II” Terradore, Cerberus, Ehanri three choices (total 2500 copies).

“Overwatch” is the first team action game created by Blizzard, and it is also a multiplayer network shooting game. Each role has its own independent positioning and abilities that were once all the rage.


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