Huawei working on advanced emergency call feature, reveals new patent

As per the latest info, Huawei has published a new patent named ‘a method and electronic equipment for emergency calls’, with application number CN113163052A. The patent was first applied in January 2020.

Emergency calls are the way to contact your helpline number in the most dangerous or any emergency scenario. These emergency calls are rarely used on smartphones but the person can only know their importance when he gets in such situations.

Huawei working on advanced emergency call feature

According to the patent application, the company seems to be working on a more advanced way of initiating automatic emergency calls in emergency situations. When an electronic device is locked more, the user’s first operation is detected on the display, in response, the device displays an emergency call interface.

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While in the situation of not getting any response from the user, it automatically reports to the first emergency call number. This patent explains the way of initiating emergency calls automatically in the most difficult scenarios.

These emergency call functionality can be useful in the conditions such as medical assistance,  traffic accidents, or any kind of natural disaster. These kinds of features are very useful and come under laws and regulations in several countries.

For example, if a fire broke into someone’s house, then the emergency call feature which is simple might be useful. While, in another scenario, if someone is kept as a hostage, then he can initiate the emergency call without being discovered.

Thus, simple and easy-to-use emergency call features are what make it useful in these kinds of difficult situations. Meanwhile, Huawei is working on such a feature and it might possibly bring it soon.


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