Huawei patents drone control system technology based on Artificial Intelligence

Huawei has recently applied for a new patent related to AI-based drone technologies under the name UAV Control System and Method. The patent was filed on July 18, 2018, and it was published on January 01, 2021. It carries the patent number CN110737212B.

According to the reports (Via – Huawei Central), the patent application suggests an unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) control system and method. The system includes a task unit, a first action module, a sensor unit, a first function module, a collaborative computing module, a first response module, and so on.

The patent mentions AI tasks such as performing system data processing and supports multiple types of tasks to fulfill users’ requirements.

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As described in the patent, the sensor unit obtains sensor data corresponding to the target action, the first functional module then gets the target action data, and the collaborative computing module determines the data processing method used by the first functional module to process the action data according to the data processor capability of the AI ​​chip. The AI ​​chip is used to Perform system data processing.

The first functional module performs calculations based on the action data and data processing methods to obtain the status information and environmental information of the drone required to perform the target action.

The first response module generates control information of the UAV and interaction information with the user according to the status information, environmental information, and target action information. The system can even support multiple types of tasks according to the requirements of the users.


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