Huawei patents for new screen sharing feature during video call

Huawei is planning to offer more to the users while video calling, suggests a new patent. According to the latest info, Huawei has filed for new patent registration for a method to be used in a video call.

This patent carries the announcement number CN113141483A in China. As per the content of the patent, it describes a method used for sharing screens while video calling.

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As with the growing reach of the internet, the video calling feature has a high demand. And with the COVID-19 pandemic which prevents us from moving out of anywhere, video calling is the only way to see our loved ones.

So, it becomes important to have a good video calling service, Huawei is also planning to make it easy by working on a new screen sharing feature. It will allow the users to share their screen content while they are in the video call with their friends, family, and colleagues.

Apple will introduce screen sharing feature with its upcoming iOS 15 for iPhones, while the method may be different for both of them. We can’t go any further for Huawei’s this feature as it’s currently just a patent and the development for it is yet to begin.

The patent method is described as:

  • Determining that the first mobile device establishes a video call with the second mobile device.
  • Determine that the video mode of the first mobile device is a shared screen mode.
  • The interface displays the content to be selected.
  • Determine the shared content according to the selection operation of the interface of the content to be selected.
  • Send the shared content to the second mobile device, so that the second mobile device displays the shared content.
  • Huawei publicly shared screen-related patents: for video calls between devices, users can choose to share content.

Besides this, Huawei keeps on searching for several kinds of new technologies such as in-display fingerprints, new tech for SoCs, flexible displays, and many others. These innovative technologies are now reserved with Huawei that the company can use anytime.


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