Huawei working on efficient smart car charging technology, reveals new patent

Huawei is continuously working in the field of the automotive industry and trying to discover new technologies that bring more efficiency in the electric car. According to the latest info, the company has released a new patent named ‘a charging control device method’ and it carries the publication number CN113056387A in China.

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The patent aims to make electric car charging more efficient and smart. Other than this the company is also been working on several other electric car techs to make them smarter. As such this new patent application shows a charging control device, method, and electric vehicle including a signal processing module and management module.

Signal processing module

A signal processing module configured to receive a first control guide signal sent by the power supply device, and send a high-level signal of the target duration to the wake-up module according to the first control guide signal.

Management module:

The wake-up module is used to wake up the battery management system after the duration of receiving the high-level signal reaches the target duration.

With this new tech, with the charging control device, there is no need to replug the charger or restart the electric vehicle charging pile at the charging port, even if the power is turned on again after the failure.


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