Intel SST audio driver cause Win11 blue screen: Microsoft

Microsoft described a recent driver bug in Windows 11 in a recently updated technical document. If users use the Intel SST audio driver, it may not be compatible with Windows 11 there are some compatibility issues.

Moreover, Microsoft technical documents that the compatibility problem occurred in the 21H2 version of the Windows 11 operating system. Some versions of the Intel SST audio driver Smart Sound Technology and Windows 11 have compatibility problems.

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This compatibility issue will cause a blue screen on the user’s computer. For system stability considerationsMicrosoft will suspend the provision of system updates to such computers after the issue occurs on the user’s computer.

Furthermore, the file name of the driver file in the Explorer is “IntcAudioBus.sys”, and the affected Intel SST driver version is,, and earlier versions.

 At present, the solution given by Microsoft is to first ask the user to contact the computer OEM to try to obtain the latest version of the Intel SST audio driver or to update the Intel SST audio driver to,, and later versions. The user is updating the driver. System updates can be resumed within 48 hours.

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