Microsoft launched Windows App SDK 1.1

Microsoft recently released version 1.1 of the Windows App SDK, a set of development tools that allows developers to create applications for Windows 10 and 11. The first version of the Windows App SDK was released shortly after the launch of Windows 11 last November.


As a way to bring together modern visuals and features alongside traditional Win32 functionality into the same app. The new version comes with some noticeable improvements that make the experience even better.

Moreover, Mica is a new opaque application surface material introduced by Microsoft in Windows 11 that allows the desktop background to softly illuminate the application, adding a little color to the user interface, different from Acrylic in Win10.

Windows App SDK v1.1 now supports WinUI 3 applications using mica and background acrylic materials. To install the Windows App SDK tools for development, Visual Studio 2022 or 2019 is required.


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