Microsoft to launch its Cloud PC service this summer

by Ashish

Microsoft will launch the “Cloud PC” business this summer. This business, like many other third-party vendors, will allow users to remotely run Windows and perform cloud office operations.

According to reports, the business will be included in Microsoft 365, and pricing varies according to the difference between processors, memory, and hard drives.

Microsoft plans to use the “cloud PC” business as a supplement to Win10X. Because Windows 10X cannot run Win32 programs, it can provide Windows 10X users with cloud services to enhance their experience.

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The company has issued a recruitment announcement stating that the “cloud PC” business allows all users to use cloud-based, secure, and always-up-to-date Windows experience devices from any location.

It also allows endpoint administrators to provide cloud-hosted PCs and manage physical and virtual devices through a unified portal and fixed and predictable prices.


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