Microsoft Xbox Adaptive Controller nearly canceled: Report

Microsoft’s Xbox Adaptive Controller is a game control device designed for people with disabilities and was shortlisted for “Time” magazine’s 50 annual inventions. However, in an interview with  The Verge, Robin Seiler, Microsoft’s vice president of Windows and devices, revealed that the Xbox accessible handle project was almost cut off.

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According to Seiler, the Xbox Adaptive Controller originated from an internal Microsoft hackathon and has been refined over the years through several prototypes and concept designs. However, due to Microsoft’s strict management of funding expenditures at the time, the Xbox Adaptive Controller project was put on the removal list.

Microsoft Xbox Adaptive ControllerFortunately, a team of Microsoft employees decided to make it a mass-produced commodity, no matter how tight the budget was. Microsoft’s manufacturing staff in China, designers at its Redmond headquarters, and the Xbox team came together to make this happen, Seiler said.

Microsoft’s Xbox accessibility handle has also led manufacturers such as Logitech to launch similar accessible devices. Microsoft itself has also created an accessibility technology lab. The laboratory prototype hardware aims to improve the accessibility of devices.

In addition, Microsoft’s keyboard has been tweaked to make it easier to read or improved packaging to make it easier to open, and the mouse can be customized with accessories for people with different disabilities.