Microsoft’s Windows 10 graphics drivers, BSoD, gaming performance issue will fix in next update

Almost ten days ago, users began to notice inadequate PC performance after installing the KB5001330 update on Windows 10. Problems have arisen with access to custom folders Pictures and My Documents in games, a decrease in the frame rate and freezing of the picture (“freeze”) are recorded, and in the most severe cases – a “blue screen of death”.

Nvidia has already responded to user complaints – it advised to remove KB5001330 from the system. And now the official reaction from Microsoft has finally appeared.

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The answer turned out to be rather restrained – only a small number of users reported lower-than-expected gaming performance after installing this update. Most users experiencing this issue run games in full screen or borderless windowed mode and use two or more monitors.

In general, there is a problem, and Microsoft is not ignoring it. Moreover, it occurs when installing not only the KB5001330 update but also KB5000842. But the company is already preparing a solution that will work according to the KIR mechanism – Known Issue Rollback.

The principle of its operation is as follows, the part of the update that causes problems in games is marked as malicious on Microsoft update servers. As soon as the client (that is, the user’s computer) connects to the server as part of a routine check for updates, the problematic part of the update will be removed from the user’s PC. Microsoft notes that the KIR mechanism is used only for non-security updates, and it takes up to 24 hours to start the mechanism.

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