Mozilla’s Firefox browser introduced the Firefox Relay mail service

According to the latest report, Mozilla’s Firefox browser launched the Firefox Relay vest mail service. This service can provide users with virtual email addresses for account registration, etc., so as to avoid the leakage of their real email addresses and prevent spam and hacker attacks.

Moreover, the service requires the Firefox browser Relay extension to be used. When the user browses the web, the Relay icon will automatically appear in the location where the website asks you to provide an email address. After selection, a random new email address ending with “” can be generated.

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Furthermore, the users can log in to the Relay website to manage all their vest mailboxes, so there is no need to worry about forgetting the address. When the vest mailbox receives a new mail, Relay will automatically forward the mail to the real mailbox. If users find that a certain vest mailbox starts to receive spam or unwanted mail, they can directly block or delete the vest on the panel.

This feature is very suitable for online shopping, social networking, offline form filling, and games, etc., so that users can hide their true identity and protect themselves. The current Firefox Relay service provides a free version and a paid version.

Besides, the paid version has a limited-time special offer of 0.99 US dollars per month and has an exclusive mailbox domain name. In addition, the paid version also supports replying to forwarded emails.

Officials say that the free version of Relay is available in most countries/regions. Relay Premium is available in the United States, Germany, United Kingdom, Canada, Singapore, Malaysia, New Zealand, France, Belgium, Austria, Spain, Italy, Switzerland, the Netherlands, and Ireland. In addition, you can log in to the Relay panel to generate Relay vests on other browsers or mobile devices.

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