New smartphone patent of Realme shows under-screen camera: Report

Manufacturers such as ZTE, Xiaomi, and Samsung have all launched under-screen camera phones. There have been rumors that Realme will also join the ranks.

Recently, themobilehunt discovered a mobile phone appearance patent filed by Realme. The device is equipped with a rear three-camera, but the front lens has disappeared, and there is no trace of a lifting camera on the top. It is expected to be a new under-screen camera.

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Moreover, it can be seen from the patent picture that the patented mobile phone is equipped with a hyperboloid screen, the rear camera is slightly protruding, there is no opening at the top, and the SIM card slot and power socket are at the bottom, which means that the phone does not have a 3.5mm headset.

Xu Qi, the president of realme, had previously released a photo of a mobile phone without a front-perforated lens and said that the device does not have a lifting camera, suggesting that it is studying a new under-screen camera.

In addition, Xu Qi revealed at the China Mobile Global Partner Conference in 2021 that realme will enter the high-end market, with product prices approaching the 5,000 yuan price range.

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