Nintendo’s operating profit in the Q2 was 100.21 billion yen: Report

Nintendo announced the operating conditions of the second financial quarter. On September 30, 2021, the operating profit for the quarter was 100.21 billion yen, and the market was estimated at 121.95 billion yen; the net profit was 79.09 billion yen, and the market was estimated at 89.23 billion yen.

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Moreover, 92.87 million Nintendo Switch game consoles have been shipped to retailers, and NS shipped 3.83 million units worldwide this quarter compared to Sony’s shipments of 3.3 million PS5 and 200,000 PS4 during the same period.

Furthermore, Nintendo expects to sell 24 million NS hardware units throughout the year, up from 25.5 million previously predicted; and 200 million software sales are expected to be sold for the entire year, compared with 190 million previously predicted.

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