OEM manufacturers launched Win11 SE notebook products

According to the webpage of the Microsoft Education Official Mall, Microsoft’s today launch the Surface Laptop SE equipped with Windows 11 SE.  The four OEM manufacturers, Acer, Asus, Lenovo, and Dell, have also been part of Microsoft education.

Moreover, these educational laptops are equipped with Windows 11 SE, in addition to products provided with Intel processors like the Surface Laptop SE.

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Furthermore, there are also some laptops that are equipped with AMD processors. Products without the “Intel” logo in the product introduction are notebooks equipped with AMD processors.

In addition, the screen size of the educational laptops is 11.6-inch except for the 14-inch Lenovo 14w Gen2. The specific price of all products is still unknown. But,  Microsoft gave a discount on the page, the lowest starting price of the above products is 219 US dollars.

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