Panasonic will produce batteries for Canoo Lifestyle Vehicle electric vehicles

According to the latest report, American electric vehicle startup Canoo announced an agreement with Panasonic to supply batteries for its upcoming Lifestyle Vehicle electric vehicles.

Moreover, Canoo’s Lifestyle Vehicle car claims to be equipped with an 80kWh battery, has a range of 250 miles (402 kilometers), has up to 7 seats, depending on the level of trim, and starts at $34,750.

This electric car faces the US and EU markets and will be produced by the Dutch car manufacturer VDL Nedcar. It is planned to be put into production in the fourth quarter of 2022 and will use Panasonic batteries.

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Furthermore, Panasonic chose to supply batteries for its Lifestyle Vehicle electric vehicles because of the reliability and durability of Panasonic batteries and the credibility of the initial quantity delivered.

Canoo was founded in 2017 by two former employees of Faraday Future and is headquartered in California with the goal of building electric vehicles for the cities of the future. 

Currently, the company is developing several flagship electric vehicles, including multifunctional delivery vehicles (MPDV) and Canoo pickup trucks.

So far, the company’s agreement with Panasonic seems to apply only to Lifestyle Vehicle, and not to other upcoming Canoo vehicles, such as multi-function delivery vehicles or pickup trucks.

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