Samsung Chromebooks could soon support variable refresh rates

According to new information, Google is working to add variable refresh rates on the Samsung Chromebook display. Google has recently announced that the most popular gaming distribution platform for PC games is now coming to ChromeOS devices as a beta update.


The variable refresh rate feature provides a smooth gaming experience on Chrome OS, allowing you to change the monitor reload rate per frame per second to match the frame rate offered by the computer so that no screen cracking occurs.

Moreover the Chrome OS 101 Dev will bring support for variable refresh rates (VRR) on the Samsung Chromebook display. Google’s wording for the feature makes us believe that it’s only for screens and external screens, not the Chromebooks’ screens themselves.

Additionally, entry-level devices or even most mid-range devices are unlikely to support this feature. You’ll need a heavy CPU and GPU to run Steam games on Chromebook. Likewise, if you will not need a PC to play on Chromebook, you probably will not care about this Chrome OS 101 detail.

It is noteworthy that the two main GPU names, AMD and Nvidia, both support swap updates. AMD’s solutions are called FreeSync and use convenient conversion technology, also called Adaptive Sync. Nvidia’s G-Sync is a solution that offers similar experiences. The test flag may show AMD GPUs in future Chromebooks.

Chrome OS tablets will need VRR if they want to compete with Samsung and Apple-like companies. We’ll see more powerful Chromebooks from Samsung in the future that use APUs and GPUs.

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