Samsung explains how Smart-ISO Pro technology captures exact HDR images

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At the Galaxy Unpacked 2021, Samsung unveiled some new technologies alongside the launching of the Galaxy S21 series. Now, the company has released some videos to describe the latest features that come with the Galaxy S21 smartphones.

According to Samsung, the company engineers have developed an innovative High Dynamic Range (HDR) solution for mobile image sensors named Smart-ISO Pro to maximize the dynamic range on smartphone cameras.

Smart-ISO Pro is an HDR solution that enables the image sensor to capture a single HDR photo with the benefits of both high and low ISO modes. When the camera of the smartphone captures an image, this technology converts the light information of the scene into the voltage signal in both high and low ISO modes respectively.

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Further, the Smart-ISO Pro solution intelligently combines the outcome of the two modes together to create a final image with a high dynamic range. It allows the image sensor to bring out the detailing of darker areas, retain the natural color of highlight areas, and ultimately produce images that are true-to-life.

The Korean tech developed Smart-ISO technology for its image sensors to ensure smartphone cameras can deliver clear images even in diverse lighting situations. It equips image sensors with two levels of conversion gain, high and low ISO mode, allowing the camera to select the optimal settings depending on the environment.

High ISO mode turns light to voltage with higher conversion gain to express adequate detailing in shadow while reducing noise in the image when the lighting is low. Low ISO mode can also maximize the capacity of each pixel to prevent oversaturation and enhance the color reproduction of the brighter parts of the lens.

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