Samsung unveils next-gen memory and storage tech at Flash Memory Summit 2022

Samsung memory and storage tech
Samsung memory and storage tech

On Wednesday Samsung Electronics the world’s leader in advanced memory technology unveiled a set of next-generation memory and storage technologies to maximize data center efficiency in an increasingly data-driven world with a basis to address various client demands for handling big data.

With this next-generation memory and storage technology, the South Korean tech giant has mainly emphasized four areas of technological advancement including data movement, data storage, data processing, and data management.

Samsung unveiled the next-generation memory and storage technology with a keynote titled “Memory Innovations Navigating the Big Data Era.”  Further, the company disclosed it, during Flash Memory Summit 2022, held at the Santa Clara in California Convention Center.

Samsung memory and storage technology
Samsung memory and storage technology

Additionally, the vice president of Samsung Electronics Choi Jin-hyeok, presented a statement which says that the array of technologies, including Perabyte Storage, Memory-semantic solid state drive, and Telemetry is essential for navigating in the data-intensive world.

Petabyte Technology:

A petabyte is a new solution that will allow a single server unit to hold more than a petabyte of storage, allowing server manufacturers to dramatically increase their storage capacity in the same floor space with a minimal number of servers.

Memory-Semantic SSD Technology:

The Semantic Memory SSD  incorporates the benefits of storage and DRAM memory and increases random read speed and improves latency significantly. It is ideal for the growing number of AI and ML workloads that require very fast data processing.

Telemetry Technology:

Further, the telemetry technology is designed to detect and protect problems to enable a more reliable data center management, as it gathers human-readable metadata from key components inside customers’ memory and storage products.