Sony schedules home audio product launch conference on October 28

There were surprisingly many press conferences in September and October this year. With the end of the Sony Xperia conference, another 2021 Sony flagship home audio product conference was officially announced.

Sony will hold a press conference tomorrow, when it is expected to bring new home theater products, such as HT-A9, A7000, ST-5000, etc., and the possibility of introducing new headsets is not ruled out.

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Moreover, Sony yesterday launched the HT-A9 home theater system in the Middle East and Africa, which can provide 360-degree spatial sound and can be streamed through Apple Music.

Furthermore, the Sony DTS:X home theater system HT-A9 is priced at HK$14,990 approximately RMB 12,306.79 in the port area, which can achieve 360° spatial sound effects and can create up to twelve virtual speakers with only four speakers.

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