Sony unveiled Xperia View, a VR headset used with Xperia 1 III/1 II mobile phones

Sony release the flagship video phone Xperia PRO-I, the company also released a VR headset-Xperia View, which needs to work with Xperia 1 III/1 II mobile phone to use. The headset has a built-in unique lens with a 120-degree field of view. With the Xperia 1 III/1 II mobile phone, users can use the phone’s 21:9 4K display, which is equivalent to 2K for the right eye and 2K for the left eye.

Moreover, you can watch the video at a high rate, the degree of freedom of the headset is 3DOF, that is, the VR device can detect the free rotation of the head in different directions, but it cannot detect the spatial displacement of the head.

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Furthermore, Xperia View can decode 8K 360-degree videos with the excellent processing power of Xperia 1 III. There is also a special application that lists Xperia View compatible applications and content and plays files in local folders. The volume and camera key controls on the side of the Xperia the DualShock handle can also be connected separately.

Besides, the Sony Xperia View is priced at 29,700 yen (about 1669 yuan), and it can now be pre-ordered from the Sony store and online store and will be sold on Docomo in mid-November.

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