Take a look at Sony’s smartphone like PlayStation 5G handheld console with Penta rear camera

For a long time, Sony has been producing handheld devices including the PlayStation Portable and the PlayStation Vita. That being said, Sony hasn’t announced new handheld consoles for a long time, in part due to the rise in popularity of smartphones that are great for mobile gaming.

However, many are hoping that Sony will still release a new handheld console. The following images were published by the authoritative resource Letsgodigital, which often uploads high-quality renders of unannounced devices. Designer Anesthetique Projets (Yanko Design) showcased in these images a possible Sony PlayStation 5G device that combines the functions of a handheld console and a smartphone with fifth-generation networks.

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The compact and thin device is very similar to a smartphone, while it received two front cameras, spaced apart on the sides of the screen, and a triple main camera. Thanks to the dedicated game buttons, this device is much better suited for gaming than a regular smartphone.

The author of the concept assumes that the device will receive a D-pad, function buttons, two sticks, and buttons for the index fingers. There is also a PlayStation button. Thanks to stereo speakers, this device will be able to reproduce high-quality sound.

Last year, Jim Ryan, CEO of Sony Interactive Entertainment, said the company was no longer in the business of portable devices. However, the situation can always change if the company senses potential demand.