Sony’s Steam publisher changed its name to PlayStation PC LLC: Report

Recently, part of the game pages released by Sony on Steam showed that the publisher was changed from “PlayStation Mobile” to “PlayStation PC LLC”. This move may mean some changes in the company’s strategy.

Sony has previously put a number of games on the PC platform, and the person in charge Hermen Hulst also said that in the future, it will continue to launch first-party games on the PC. 

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He revealed that under normal circumstances, the interval between the release of games on the PS platform and the PC platform is about two years.

Moreover, the publisher of PlayStation PC LLC currently has four games, namely “The Past is No Longer”, “The Revelry”, “GUNS UP!” and “Hell Diver”. The latest release of “God of War 4” on Steam is still PlayStation Mobile.

Furthermore, the registration information shows that PlayStation PC LLC is a company registered by Sony in California in April 2021. The name change of the publisher may mean that Sony will pay more attention to game distribution on the PC platform.

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