Steam revealed the software and hardware survey result of users: Report

Steam recently announced the results of its October user software and hardware survey. Steam conducts a monthly survey to collect data on the types of computer hardware and software that customers are using. The survey is optional and is conducted anonymously.

The October results showed that in terms of PC processors, Intel accounted for 69.14% of the share, down 0.69% from the previous month; AMD accounted for 30.33% of the share, up 0.69% from the previous month.

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In terms of PC graphics cards, the Nvidia GTX 10 series still occupy the top of the list, but all have declined to vary degrees; AMD’s “Evergreen” RX 580 is currently ranked 12.

In terms of system, Win10 64-bit still occupies the majority share (92.84%), but with the launch of the official version of Win11 this month, the share of Win10 64-bit has fallen by 0.95%, and Win11 has occupied 1.88% of the share.

In terms of VR headsets, Oculus Quest 2 continued to gain share with wireless transmission and low prices, rising to 33.19% this month Valve Index HMD surpassed Oculus Rift S and ranked second with 17.50%, an increase of 1.51%; Oculus Rift S accounted for Ranked third compared to 17.21%, down 0.87%.

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